Down for Maintenance (Err 3)

We recently announced that Ace was no longer accepting renewals or offering new reseller credits but planned to support existing subscription. Due to mounting legal pressure in the UK we have been forced to change our plans and we are now announcing that Ace will close down at the end of March.

This means that from April 1st onwards the Ace service will no longer work.

Please do not request recommendations for an alternative service, you can google "best IPTV service" for options. Please do not ask if we are rebranding/setting up a new service, the answer is no.

The Ace team wishes you all the best with your next IPTV service.

Update April 2nd:

Ace is heading towards insolvency and therefore is expected to go through a bankruptcy process. At the end of this process the company will pay out pro-rated refunds for unused portions of subscriptions and for unused credits. Our best estimate is that this will occur at the start of May.